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Last week on the crossdressers forum we got to talking about the tricky business of developing a convincing feminine voice. I have a few tips (which you’ll find elsewhere on this blog), as do others. You can even buy an expensive course or hire a personal consultant if you like. But without spending a nickel, you can pick up some good tips.

Still, reading tips and practicing while you drive around in your car with the windows rolled up is one thing. Gauging how well you’re doing with the tips and how convincing your voice sounds is another kettle of kippers entirely.

Someone suggested it would be nice if we could upload mp3s so we could let others hear how we sound and give us feedback, and also so we could hear how others sound and get an idea of how much progress we’ve made (or not).

That’s the idea behind the all-new Voice Project! To learn more, just click on the tab at the top of this window.

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Maybe I’m stuck in the 1950s. Hope not!

This morning I thought I’d drive over to a large department store, not too close to where I live, just to have a look around. I had never been there before, so I wanted to check out the parking, find the restrooms, wander down the mall and see what kind of smaller shops they have — very low pressure, not out to buy anything (although that green purse was calling to me!).

It’s a women’s department store, so no surprise that 95% of the customers were women. And mostly older — only a few women in their 20s, and most of them were the shopgirls.

Other than on the clothes racks and on a couple of little girls who were out shopping with their mommies, I saw only two or three skirts in half an hour, and one of those was on a rather tall gal wearing opaque hose. Lots of jeans, some mid-calf capris. I don’t think I saw any heels at all, though I wasn’t paying much attention. Except on the tables in the shoe department, I mean.

I understand that these shoppers were not out to impress anybody. They weren’t on their way to a party, they were just out shopping. But all the same, I felt kind of sad watching it all.  There was a distinct shortage of vivacious and perky, if you see what I mean. Not in the items on display — among the customers. These ladies might as well have been shopping for a blender or a toilet bowl brush.

I don’t really want to go back to the Fifties, honest! From what I’ve been told, those corsets were really, really uncomfortable. But would a little more joie de vivre be such a terrible thing?

Of course, everybody is free to do whatever is right for them. But if I’m going to dress to blend in, so that I can take things into the dressing room and try them on … well, maybe I’ll figure out some nice ways to balance casual with fun. No sense being a schlub just because everybody else is.

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Candid Camera

For cross-dressers, the Internet is a lovely playground. Not least because cross-dressers tend to be secret exhibitionists. We love taking pictures of ourselves, and we love sharing the pictures with others. Ain’t I lookin’ foxy, though?

But sometimes you have to consider what’s in good taste. Really, ladies, you do have to consider that.

My very first cross-link to this new blog was from a blogger whose tag line is, “A bloke in a dress.” Groovy, I’m thinking. Someone has discovered my blog! I’m on a roll.

But when I looked at the link/comment at the bottom of that post, I found that the individual’s thumbnail photo was quite clearly of his (and we’re going to say “his”) crotch, in an all too sheer black panty. Fleshy bits were visible.

Since I don’t want others to feel intimidated or offended by anything that appears in Jenna’s Place (unless they’re, you know, knuckle-dragging morons), I had to delete the comment.

I have no problem with honest and forthright communication. I think it’s extremely silly — pathetic, really — that people write “f*ck” when what they mean is “fuck.” The asterisk is not a vowel in English, and you’re not fooling anybody. If you don’t want to say “fuck,” it’s really easy: Just don’t say it. But in conversation, please don’t say, “the f-word.” Spare me. We all know what the f-word is, okay? Saying “the f-word” is just a coy way of saying “fuck” while pretending you aren’t saying it. Likewise, don’t write it and then pretend you didn’t because you used an asterisk. An asterisk looks exactly like an asshole. I’ll let you draw our own conclusions from that.

Back to the main topic: I have no problem with someone displaying photos of their naughty bits on their own blog or website. Go for it, girl! But please — don’t use a photo of your nearly naked crotch as your thumbnail avatar, because that will poke the photo into other people’s personal spaces. That’s just creepy and gross. Have a little taste, a little class. And maybe a side order of clue.

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